Applying for Service

New Service Customers
(Residential or Commercial)

  • Please call and make an appointment with our courteous staff.
  • We require new service customers to come into the office to complete a service request application.
  • Please bring your non-expired driver’s license or state photo ID that has your current address.
  • Purchased a new home in our service area? No matter if your house has existing service or not, we want you to come into our office to complete a new application.
  • Service scheduling could take a few days up to 2 weeks to install/turn-on water service.

Discontinuation of Service

Please call the PVWA at 724-628-2930 to make arrangements for turning off water services.

Under what circumstances might the PVWA discontinue service without notice?

  • For non-payment of a bill.
  • Removal of a meter without Authority approval.
  • Willful waste of water through improper/imperfect pipes, fixtures, meters, or otherwise.
  • Failure to protect and maintain meter connections, lines, or fixtures in good order.
  • Water usage at a different property location.
  • Additional families moving into the property without notifying the Authority.
  • Misrepresentation on paper application.

The Authority reserves the right to shut off the water at any time without notice in order to make repairs, extensions, or alterations, but will endeavor to notify all customers of the shut off.

It is the consumer, who is responsible for keeping the water meter area clear of obstructions and debris.