Your Right to Know

What is the Right to Know Law all about?

  • The RTK law informs citizens that they have the right to obtain public records from offices of the government at any time.
  • Local, Commonwealth, Legislative, and Judicial Agencies are all subject to the law.
  • These public records can be accessed through the Office of Open Records.
  • The Pennsylvania Government website provides information about the law on its Office of Open Records web page.
  • A citizen must complete a Right to Know request prior to looking at any records.
  • Acceptable methods for filing a request include:
    •  Fax
    • Electronic Mail
    • In Person
    • US Mail

Be sure to keep a copy of the RTK request form for your records.

All RTK inquiries should be directed to:

Open Records Officer
Pleasant Valley Water Authority
2320 Moyer Road
Connellsville, PA 15425

(Phone) 724-628-2930
(Fax) 724-628-9676