Conservation Tips

Top 10 Water Conservation Tips

  1. Limit Shower Time. The average shower uses 5-10 gallons of water per minute. So keep your showers short. Changing the shower head is an inexpensive way to conserve water too!
  2. If possible take baths instead of showers. An average bathtub can hold 50 gallons. By filling it only halfway, you save 50%.
  3. Don’t leave water on while you brush your teeth or shave.
  4. Use dish washers and clothes washers for full loads only.
  5. Water your lawn only when needed and only in the morning or late evening, allowing the water to soak into the ground.
  6. Cover swimming pool to slow down the evaporation of water from its surface.
  7. Keep bottled water in the fridge instead of running the water until it gets cold.
  8. Don’t use a water hose to clean driveways, porches, or sidewalks.
  9. Insulate your meter and pipes to prevent freezing during the winter months.
  10. Check for leaks quarterly.* A dripping faucet can waste 15-20 gallons a day. By checking and fixing the leak, you will save 6,000 gallons a year.

How to Check for Leaks

You can check for leaks by reading your water meter at the same time every day for 3-5 days and/or by reading your water meter at night before everyone goes to bed and then again in the morning before everyone gets up and begins using water.

*Always remember to periodically check for leaks.